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Nov 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
wealth is not in bain capital. it is not in chrysler. a it is in -- put in the hands of the vulture. now, what have they done besides the congo takedown? i don't know if the romney's are in on it as i would need to see their 2009 taxes. i have asked. the dog ate it. but i was able to do some investigation and i did find that one thing for certain, that they were part and parcel of a move move bond enjoyed because it's illegal, the vulture's activity in the congo and europe and elsewhere. it's not illegal in the united states where the vultures landed in detroit. now folgers fees when things die. so when mr. romney says, let detroit go bankrupt, but it died, what we are doing is creating a feast for the vulture. here is what they did. the u.s. government under obama and under by the way george bush -- it's not obama's bailout even though he pumps his chest and takes the applaud and beatings for it, was created by george w. bush voted in october and december. it was taken over by obama in the meantime. the a bomb administration picking up for bush came up with a deal to save three com
Nov 3, 2012 10:30am EDT
of slipping on that one. i'm just on the verge. >> here we did the same thing with chrysler. >> if you read my book, i talk quite a bit about gm. and you know, charles wilson is a guy who allegedly said was good for gm is good for america. actually never said that. i looked into it. i was going to use the quote because i got a character is the of corporatism in this type to think of a feeding the elites, the incumbent industry. he didn't say that. in fact, he was a courageous guy. he cut defense budgets by 20% in the late 1950s and those defense cuts, budget cuts in the late 1950s or the number one reason we have silicon alley. a plot of radio engineers had moved out there. it's a beautiful part of the country. suddenly they didn't have jobs and those people said well, we want to stay here and they created eventually intel and all the rest of that, right? so we were in a very tenuous moment. at a financial crisis. there is a financial crisis that led to the crisis in ottawa industry. adding on top of that psychologically the failure of the big three automakers, tough. tough call. b
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
orders with the speck saying air bags, and gm didn't bid. chrysler didn't bid. ford bid. that break the ground. after that, they all came on board. if you use government procurement, and government buys almost everything we buy, plus, submarines and missiles that we don't buy, but they buy paper. they buy food. they buy construction materials. they buy energy. they buy food, as i said, food, they buy motor vehicles. they buy equipment of all kinds that we use. why can't they spur the innovation, create the new civilian markets by upgrading their specifications? you know, a lot of companies want to sell to the government. if they have to sell upgraded consumer, safer, environmentally benign products, they are more likely to turn to the civilian customers. the person who had that idea early was the greatest environmentalist of the 20th century who just passed away, barry commoner. he told the pentagon 30 years ago if you buy photo for remote locations, you will spur innovation and you'll help create a civilian economy for much faster than the case would be. that's another solution. federa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3